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8. Sevexim.pl cannot guarantee that the service will always be available and keeps the right to suspend or modify the content without giving any notice to the end users.

9. Administrator does not collect user’s personal data other than IP and data sent via online forms by user

10. While the Administrator tries to ensure that all the information enclosed in the service is correct at the time of publication, Administrator does not accept any responsibility when the content is inaccurate or contains errors.

11. The service is available free of charge an on "as-is" and "as available" basis.

12. The website is made the way making its content accessible by as many users as possible in order to follow online accessibility standards.

13. Below are the technical requirements for the usage of the service without limitation:

a. A browser has to support Javascript and cookies files (in accordance with the “cookies” definition)

b. The following browsers are officially supported:

i. Microsoft Internet Explorer 10.0 or newer

ii. Microsoft Spartan

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c. Functioning in other software (including mobile browsers) is not guaranteed, although Administrator ensures that the cross-browser compatibility will be enhanced.

14. All the complaints should be sent to the following e-mail address sekretariat@sevexim.pl.

16. If you have an opinion or remark that any content should not be available, please contact us under sekretariat@sevexim.pl.

17. All the complaints will be examined in not longer than 14 business days.

18. No reply after 14 business days means that the complaint has been rejected.

19. If you have any question, please contact us under sekretariat@sevexim.pl.

20. In all the situations that are not described in the Terms of Use, Polish Law will be used.

21. The Terms of Use enters into force in 1. November 2016.

Cookies Policy

1. Whenever the term “cookies” is used in the document, it means any usage of one or many of the following browser-side (end-user-side) information: „Cookies”, „Local Storage Object”, „Session Storage Object”.

2. Cookies enable us to identify your browser and to provide the following features:

a. Third party integration (e.g. Youtube, Facebook, other social media websites)

b. Google Analytics user behavior measurements

c. Cookies Policy banner displaying

3. Majority of cookies files are session cookies that are deleted automatically when the session ends (after closing browser’s window).

4. If you wish to control what entries are set on your device through the Sevexim.pl, you can modify your browser’s setting. Every browser can notify when cookies are sent and/or can automatically refuse to store these information. Every user can also use incognito mode or delete cookies that were sent by Sevexim.pl.

5. Almost the whole page will function correctly without having cookies stored on the side of a browser, but features named in the #2 will be lost.

6. The information collected in cookies is not sold.

7. You can access www.aboutcookies.org website that provides comprehensive information on the subject.

8. The Cookies Policy enters into force in 1. November 2016.