SEVEXIM® Law Firm was established in 1995 subject to the consent of the Minister of Justice to perform the service of lawyer. It began as the individual Law Firm of Krzysztof Seweryn and since then has developed dynamically, growing in both number of lawyers employed and clients served.

Since 1991 SEVEXIM® has been included in recommendation lists of the Ministry of Ownership Transformation and recommended to foreign companies in Poland.

Because of our long presence on the law market we are recommended by big enterprises, and, for international legal services, by embassies and consulates, particularly by the Embassy of Italy, the Consulate General of the United States, the Consulate of Germany and the Consulate of Austria. SEVEXIM® lawyers offer professional legal services and ongoing assistance to both individual clients and big businesses. We hope that, appreciating our professionalism and involvement in the cases we manage, you too will become one of them.

The history of Sevexim Law Firm